About Blue Heron Singers

Blue Heron Singers is the continuation of the youth drum Black Swamp. Most of our drummers have known each other for several decades and grew up together. As an adult drum group we bring the teachings of our elders to the community. Our drum group members are spread across Indiana and Ohio and we have travelled to Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, Illinois, and Kentucky.

Our drum group has been taught the teachings and stories as a traditional drum and we have been gifted with the ability to server our community throughout the years. As a drum group we have been a Host Drum, Taught native hitory and where the drum fits, performed at weddings, and funerals. 

As a group we value the Teachings of the 7 Grandfathers and work to teach the youth on our drum, as well as our community, the values and knowledge preserved by our elders so they will last another 7 generations. 

Areas the Group travels to:  Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, and Kentucky
Drumers / Singers:  Matt, Justin, John, Lucas, Levi, Jeff, Jace, Malachi, Jason, Krystal, Sarah, and Denise

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Blue Heron Singers

Indiana, Ohio, Michigan